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Geeta Kumana, Founder-Director of Mumbai-based Prime Health Support,

who has Mother Teresa as her inspiration and leading light, has been on a three-

year-long journey of offering care, solace and timely health support to the frail, the

elderly and the infirm, taking care of senior citizens exactly as a relative, or their

own children would. All the while that Kumana spoke of the ups and downs of a

caregiver’s duties, two words kept cropping up with unfailing regularity:

‘compassion’ and ‘empathy’. Read on…

 It is almost the same story of old age and infirmity in its myriad forms across every

other household in the country these days — old parents or relatives living alone in

big cities, or towns, with their kids away in some other city, or even country, working

hard to earn a better living. It is difficult for these children to take care of their

parents who live hundreds — indeed, thousands — of miles away.

Here is an episode that made Geeta Kumana sit up and think about ways to help

those in dire need, which resulted in the creation of Prime Health Support in 2017.

It all started when a friend living in the United States had asked her for advice

on ways to take care of her old and ailing parents who lived in India. The funny thing

is that not everybody can be a ‘caregiver’. But, since Kumana was already taking care

of her old father who lived in Pune, Maharashtra, and had had a lot of experience in

dealing with similar situations, it made it easy for her to help her friend.

Initially, she did not quite like the idea of charging for her services. But, later, she

realised that care-giving was something important and much needed in India. Her

two mantras for success in her venture are ‘compassion’ and ‘patience’. She knows

that one needs to help elderly people do things by themselves — if they are capable of

doing them independently — instead of making them dependent on others; of course,

for this, the client needs to be of a sound mental state.

Most elderly citizens in India are taken for a ride in innumerable ways by unknown

people and this upsets Kumana very much. She wants to make sure that this does not

happen to those who need her the most in the twilight years of their lives and this

desire spurs her on in life. Many elderly people are helpless and frail — sometimes,

simply lonely for want of company — and she wants them to know that they can

depend on her without being cheated.

Also, India is not a country where wheelchairs are freely accessible, so she realises

the frustrations of older people who are not able to get where they want to. She follows the motto, “It’s not their fault!” because she knows that it is only because of

their old age and failing health that they are unable to do certain things which

younger people normally can.

Who is a caregiver and what is their exact role? Kumana waxes eloquent on this

point. “A caregiver is someone who feels the need to look after frail, old, ill or lonely

people through a humanitarian lens — not a commercial one. The caregiver must

look after people without making them dependent on him/her; the less a client needs

the caregiver, the better it is for the client.


“A caregiver is also someone who needs to take into consideration all opinions — the

client’s, the relatives’ and even, sometimes, the client’s friends. Just because

a caregiver has the relevant, or sufficient, experience does not mean s/he is correct at

all times while rendering their service.


“A caregiver should remember to give advice only when asked, unless an urgent — or

extreme — situation warrants it. The ultimate goal of a caregiver is to make the client

and relatives of the client happy and de-stress them. It’s important for the client’s

family to have peace of mind knowing that their relative is in the able and

experienced hands of a Prime Health Support caregiver.”

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